Angela Grout, Author    

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Hi!  Welcome to my website.  I am a writer. I intuitively and spontaneously write words.  I analyze some of those words, edit them and create stories.  I have been a keeper of many journals for years, documenting moments in my own life as well as others.  Perhaps it is intuition that moves me to write, but it  is faith that nudges me to share.  I hope you will enjoy reading along as I experience all that awaits.  My first book was released in 2015 and  I was told to begin an Author page, for the millions of fans I will attract.;  LOL;!  I have great feedback on the books I have released to date and I enjoy writing, therefore I am honored that you have found my site to read more!

I prefer to write about realistic events, however many of my realistic events encounter signs from above.  Some people may call it angelic communication, I call it inspiration and blessings. Yes, I will admit that I have communication with angels. I don't necessarily communicate with them on a daily basis, nor understand all their messages; however I enjoy their company and often put pen to paper and write.  Many words I write are created from my imagination, yet many more are very real experiences that I have had. As the great author Margaret Atwood said, "Every experince in a book has happened somewhere in the world, maybe just not direcly in my world."    

Not to sound preachy but I will share that I believe in Jesus and His journey. I have  a deep faith in God and  angels.  Confirmation is something that has always fascinated me. The gift of the Holy Spirit is real and I am thankful that I am blessed to witness its presence in life. Many people (alive) have shared their stories with me and for that I am humbled. Through their story telling, they became  Spiritual Mediums for me.   Some Mediums as well as Authors are trained for their profession, others are born knowing, and others shut off the gift forever; or perhaps I should say they refuse to explore that part of their story.  So whether people want to believe in them or not, the truth is, EVERYONE can serve as a Medium  in some capacity.  If my books serve as a Spiritual medium or simply entertainment, I know I am serving my purpose.

There is a saying that "if you believe it, you can achieve it." The truth to this is to  train for one year to run a marathon,  and you will run that marathon. Mediate on the remembrance of one of your deceased loved ones for ten minutes and you will get something. Even if that something is nothing...its still something for you.

Nor everyone can meditate but there are many ways to make communication with your deceased loved ones. Sometimes it is as simple as looking at their photo and remembering that special moment. Other times a movie or song may be the medium for them to communicate to you. My hope is the poems/blog/stories that I share have some meaning for someone that needs the message.  


The poems, stories and books I have written , as well as the ones I am working on, are all in some way inspired by my own daily life, experiences, imagination and always, my faith. I hope they provide comfort, conversation, and possible common ground for my readers. 

Much of my work discusses dying, death and afterlife stories.  Death is seen as the end. Our lives, like a play, and when the play is over, that's it. But the reality is,  when a play is over, we all go home and remember how good it was.   There is a ripple effect to it all and we are more than just a stageplay for the Gods to watch.  Often when we leave a theater, we re-enact moments from the play and  ponder the what-ifs.  Pondering What-ifs is a huge part of my writing process.  Death may be an end but it also is just the beginning. It is the beginning of really understanding who we are and where we are from. It is the beginning of understanding our purpose and enjoying life's journeys. Every day we die, but more importantly we are gifted a new chance to see the world in never before viewings.

Death changes everything but knowing your loved ones are safe, happy and able to witness your life, can give you peace. Let me share a piece of my peace.