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AM Grout's fictional thriller has readers flipping pages to learn the truth about Jessica Briggs's murder.  How did a secret affair with a dirty cop force Victoria Mallard into being an accomplice to murder? Choosing to do the right thing could save an innocent man but threatens more than her nursing career.  Struggling to save a child, Victoria is forced to silence the not so innocent secrets in the death of Jessica Briggs.

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Copyright April 2018. Publication August 2019 1st edition

ISBN# 9781099937248   339 pages

Printed in the USA. CreateSpace 7290 Investment Drive, Suite B; North Charlestown, SC 29418

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Every expectant mother knows the reality is that SHE is the only one that has to push the baby out.  Every contraction and symptom becomes analyzed as anxiety, random thoughts, and inappropriate actions consume the last days of pregnancy.  Journey through the moment to moment struggles of waiting to give birth with helpful advice and a dash of sarcasm.

Every first-time mother needs this book to prepare, and the experienced mother will appreciate the reminders, and the humor!

Dear Baby, Get Out!

Copyright April 2016 1st edition.

ISBN# 978-1508936596  133 pages

Printed in the USA. Create Space 7290 Investment Dr, Suite B; North Charlestown, SC 29418

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As a spirit, Rhealynn discovers she can choose to serve others in the afterlife. She longs to reassure her mother that she is okay and there is life after death; but soon discovers that communication is limited.  With help from Cora's grandmother, Rhealynn earns the ins and outs of communication with the living, and meets Cora, a local florist from her hometown, who also needs a sign. Together Rhealynn and Cora share the adventure of communicating grace.

This inspirational story of two friends introduced in the afterlife has to make you wonder...Could this be what happens when you die? Could this be real? Cora shares her journey, tests her faith and concludes it just might be true. Will you?

Copyright April 2015 1st edition. May 2015 2nd edition.

ISBN# 9781507544754  170 pages

Printed in the USA via Create Space 7290 Investment Dr, Suite B; North Charlestown, SC 29418

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