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Retracting Hand

Posted by on January 23, 2022 at 7:00 PM

Lives are lived. Stories told. Events unfold.

People grieve, people give, and friends share news that their life goes on and on.

Mistakes are not intentional.

No one is perfect.

Look in the mirror, and one should fall in love.

Even those that have violated you can love.

But forgiving them can only be done when they know they were wrong.

Hear the apologies from the sky.

The absence has only been to allow you to heal, to accept and to forgive.

People are genuinely good.

Friends only try and do what is right. Try to help.

Sometimes a helping hand goes too far, and sometimes not far enough.

So retracting the hand, there is a silent cry, waiting to know if you are alright.

Yet knowing everything will be right in the end.

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