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yWrite E6: Angela with Guest Michael Tourville

Posted by on April 27, 2023 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (310)

Michael Tourville has become the podcast host of THE HEALING VOICES PROJECT which was birthed after his book VOICES FROM THE FALLEN was written. The journey of an author unfolds with our stories. As Mike shares, his first novel, A PROMISE TO ASTRID was a story he wrote after experincing the kindess of a neighbor. His way of paying her back for the miraculous and spiritual intervention she presented him with. His story inspires all who read it. As Mike began his author journey, he found himself with the opportunity to have his book A PROMISE TO ASTRID produced as a movie. The faith based filmed has been shown in churches, and communities uplifting belief that there is a higher power amoung us which when called upon, good action make the world a better place. The small kindness which Astrid brings to Michael's life, has a ripple effect which the movie certainly shows.

Speaking with Michael about his journey as an author, resognates with my own, as we evolve with our books. Writing his second book VOICES FROM THE FALLEN shares the story of those who suffered and died because of their addiction.  That book brought the opportunity to host a podcast which he talks with living people sharing their stories of addiction, grief, recovery,and courage. It takes courage to share and it takes courage to write, but the courage Michael Tourville has to help others is certainly a refection of his kind heart and Astrid's promise to help others.

Watch the eposide and learn how he got started, and how everything grew to where it is now, His story includes parts of Kirk Jonah's story, as they were childhood friends. Kirk's son, Jack Jonah's first person story is told in Tourville's VOICES FROM THE FALLEN book. It is a must read for anyone grieving and needing courage to overcome an obstacle. 


For more information on Mike Tourville, his books, his movie, his podcast, and more: Healing Voice Project

yWrite E5; Angela with Guest Kirk Jonah

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Kirk Jonah was inspired to share his story, and without picking up a pen, he told his story to a producer who then created the movie JACK JONAH. Why was this movie made and how did Kirk do this?  His son Jack passed away due to a drug overdose and in his deep grief, Jack reached to him to apologize for "ever trying drugs". This emotional and spiritual moment gave Kirk the power to forgive his son, continue to love his son, and most importantly help is son to help other to learn about how to avoid what happened to him. Kirk Jonah created the Jack Jonah Foundation and through the foundation and the movie, Kirk travels the country speaking, preaching, and educating people about OPIOID AWARENESS. Drug use doesn't necessarily begin for entertainment, the medical industry provides patients to help them but often the dependancy is unavoidable. 

Kirk's powerful, personal, and heartfelt story told inthe movie has a message for those grieving a loss, suffering an addiction, and needing education about medication. Speaking with Kirk Jonah on yWrite about his grief was heartfelt. His life's story changed the minute his son died, and though he suffers daily with his reality, he gives his voice, his heart, and his story to help others.  That is the ultimate why one yWrite?....because you have a story too!

Watch this episode here:

For more information on THE JACK JONAH FOUNDATION and the movie, clik here:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

Fun with Flowers

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Designing with flowers has been my passion for over three decades....during the pandemic I began to create and share live video of me at work. Partly because it made me feel less alone and with a hope that someone somewhere could learn some design techniques from watching. Whatever you watch it for, please enjoy the beauty of the flowers, and allow the energy to brighten your life.  Videos can be found on the agawamflowershop Facebook page.  Here is the link:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://

yWrite E4: Angela with guest Betel Arnold

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Playwrite and Author BETEL ARNOLD's process of becoming a playwrite evolved from novel writing and finding space as a mother to become her unique self. 

yWrite E3: Angela with guest Lisa Irish

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Author, Spiritual Director, and Retreat Leader LISA IRISH shares why being at the right place at the right time often creates momentum to write. She talks about her process of writing a proposal, creating the outline, and using the guide which her publisher required. Her experience has led her to write books and lead workshops to help the grieving to understand that there is an art to grieving. Writing a self-help book allows her to share her experience and wisdom with those seeking guidance with their journey. Lisa says, "Grief is not something to go through, it is something that happens to us and becomes part of us." 

Lisa and I are both members of the International Women Writers Guild and together we share how meeting other writers is inspiring.  Her Books are available on Amazon.  THE SACRED ART of GRIEVING: HOPE IN THE LAND OF LOSS.

yWrite E2: Guest: Angela with guest Kathleen Pellegrino

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Watch this episode of yWrite and find out why I called Author KB Pellegrino before I published my first murder mystrery novel. Kathleen has written 8 novels and counting! As a serial writer of a serial murder series, she knows a few things about how to write, research, publish, and create intriguing stories!" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://   

yWrite S1E1- Angela with guest Bruce Landon

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Watch yWrite's 1st Episode:  Author of THE PUCK STOPS HERE and Angela talk Memior Writing, Hockey, and Watching our Language!

Bruce Landon, a former NHL goalie, and the recently retired Springfield Falcons' AHL GM joins me, Angela Grout, for a conversation about writing. Bruce wrote his Memior THE PUCK STOPS HERE: My (not--so) Minor League Life to share more than just another hockey story. Bruce and I share why we write, including the push to write, and the people who inspired us to write. We discuss the importance of knowing your audience, and why an editor's suggestion can save an author of embarrassment. Find out why Bruce thanked his editor as he walked into church one Sunday morning, and why he decided to donate the profits from his book to charity.

This first episode of yWrite will excite you to learn you have a story too, and you'll want to read Bruce Landon's THE PUCK STOPS HERE for entertainment and education because reading helps you to understand how to tell a story. How will you tell your story?

yWrite has new episodes weekly! 

Bobby G & Co with Me and yWrite promo!

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Always fun to be on the show with Bobby G and Lynn.  Did you know Lynn was one of my dance teachers as a youth, and I was Bobby's girls dance teacher.  

I got to announce the show yWrite coming soon!  First weekly episode will air March 22, 2023" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://

WSKB 98.5 FM: Bobby G, Me & Molly! 8-25-2022

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WSKB 89.5 FM: Bobby G & ME 5-19-2022

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