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April Rain Theme Song ~ Chapter 38 ~ A Blue Jay Knows

Posted by on September 9, 2019 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (11)
This poem is titled IDLY BY. It is one of the themes of the novel APRIL RAiN. All words are written and property of AM GROUT. (excuse the layout for this website only offers one kind for these entries.) Time has not passed long here. I've waited to feed your soul. But peace came with a price. I didn't plan to sit idly by. He did not do what he did to me, to you. But what he did to you was try to protect you. That was wrong and now you hear me. A little too late for me, but not for you. I only tried to do what was right. But death came in the dark of the night. I felt the blame, you gave him a name. Your heart feels more pain than us. We want you to heal. Even if we are wrong. It might set something wrong. Life deservers so much more than feeling the rain.

April Rain Poem ~ Chapter 26~ Truths for Trust

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The attack was sudden and unprovoked. The attack was extreme, especially to me. I wanted to fight, I wanted to run. I tried to live but I had to die. A blue could lifted me to an angelic place. Comfort and cures were all over the place. The memory makes me mad. The truth makes me cringe. He could have stopped. He should have confessed. He could have died, but he feared his fate. When he arrives, I will be here.

April Rain Poem- Chapter 4 ~ Nightly News

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Good St. Michael Protector of our law enforcement. Watch over them, their families and the community. Keep them safe, Give them courage, Protect their lives, Forgive their faults. Navigate them to overcome all obstacles. Guide righteous actions, Nudge gentle compassion, And in temptation remind respect and honor. The oath is as real as the air unseen. Integrity, Character, Courage, and Accountablity. Serving Truth and providing Trust. Providing what is virtuous and right.