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Taking Risks & Living Life Fully

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Steve Jobs reminds me to "Have the Courage to Follow your Heart & Intuition." -His words.

Oprah says the words that resognates with me most..."Every event in life happens as an opportunity to choose love over fear."

and St. Theresa of Lisieux tells me "You must trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to me."

So many great quotes from great people. 

I remind myself daily that "Loving the moment you are in is the most precious way to experience the present of life."

For we are what we experience. so I shall continue to live life energically as possible..and remember the words of Amy Poehler, comedian & actress; "Great People do things before they are ready. they do things before they know they can do it. Doing what you're afraid of, getting out of your comfort zone, taking risks-that's what life is." :-:)

Story Development- The teacher & the ideas

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In the Middle of the Night, I awake and Write.

The nudge of my Dream becomea real yet unseen.

Then ink stains a page, magically bringing thoughts to be seen.

A science class.

A chalkboard.

Trimesters divided and explained.

 A Pregnancy...

What could happen when the carrier dies....will the idea survive?

Do we bury our ideas...or can we gift them?

Birthing a Book, Business. Birthing a Song, a new Venture; or simply a dream.

Do we bury within?

Will we bury it below?

Shall we gift it?

The footprints in the snow leave more blood than answers.

Oh a dream.

Oh a thought.

Revealing a story, a message, an inspiration as the ink dries on pages.

A teacher dies.

A flower exploded.

But...I repair it. I repair the flower, I kow the teacher.

The stain on the rug dries, and the truth of the lessons learned bring me guidance.

Looking at me with her fluffy hair...I know. I know.

"Listen to me" she says softly,

I cannot fathom her I drive away.

The dogs are barking.

The snow is fresh.

He looks somber as I make a request.

"Open the Casket." I whisper to him.

She echos in my ear, "I am beautiful. Too beautiful for you."

I pull away from the embrace, learning he never did look her in the face.

In the middle of the night, I understand her fate.

Innocent yet guilty of a secret she had to face.

Hiding evidence, he plants what he must.

Knowing the truth of why he came home so late.

Now she is dead. 

A bullet to the head.

And I am faced with ink stains on my bed. 

Dreaming, Writing, Living, Breathing.

The visit of a dream, brings so much inspiration and yet so many questions.

Writing the answers is a process. Knowing the answer is a guess.

Sharing the story is a gift.

Jessica Briggs and Roe vs. Wade

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Jessica Briggs didn't take Plan B, but what happens to her has happened when proper medical care is overlooked. The reversal of Roe vs. Wade is demonstrated in Jessica's story...unplanned and preventable.

It is frightening to think there are girls like Jessica who may have to find medical attention/professionals on the sidelines to help.

Yes two lives are at stake with a pregnancy however saving a septic mother shouldn't be a question. 

Jessica Briggs's death puts more lives at stake than an unborn baby. Want more???  

Jessica's story is available on Amazon!  Purchase and Read AM Grout's APRIL RAiN, Innocent Motives and Guitly Secrets" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://

True Signs

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True spiritual messages encourage you to feel safe, loved, and protected.

If ever a message makes you feel differently- know that message isn't for you.

And more importantly, if a message or sign comes to you as a warning (which can often stir fear, stress, or even confusion)-ask yourself if the sign could improve your situation. 

If the answer is yes, it's for You. 

If the answer brings more fear, etc- it's Not for you.

Love shares encouragement, guidance, and compassion.

Words Matter

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People say the words you need to hear however Unless you Feel those words in your Soul, they are merely words.

Actions Matter. Words Matter.

Words last longer than even the memory of a broken bone because we remember how we felt when we recieved the Word.

Choose Wisely.

Feelings create us. Honor the feelings you give to others.

Words Matter.

Agent Amy Ashland

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Agent Amy Ashland may be a fictional character in APRIL RAiN though she represents so many that serve out country.

Agent Ashland joined the military because of loyalty, following her father's footsteps, as many military do.

She flew helicopters during the Gulf Crisis. Love Hockey, and fate forced her into law enforcement.

Learn more about her in AM Grout's APRIL RAiN.

And thank you to all multigenerational military families, as well as every American who has worn a uniform. You willing gave parts of yourself and your life for the love of our country.

Honoring You today on Veterans Day.

Naming a Character Scott

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Scott McKylie in APRIL RAiN is a dirty how did I get his name?

Well..."Scotts" are good for Scott's Fertilizer; and Scott's Toliet Paper.

Scott McKylie did fertilizing...and cleans up a mess but were either the right thing to do?

Find out what he fertilizer and what mess he cleaned up!

Purchase your copy of AM Grout's APRIL RAiN, The Murder of Jessica Briggs and find out!" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://

Doubt Can Go

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Compassion brings Strength which allows Peace to Flow, and Doubt to GO!

Motto for a Writer

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Any Story is Better when there is No Story! 

-Author AM Grout

Effective Words Affect Me

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Effective Words Affect Me- Inside the mind of Author AM Grout

When I pick up a pen, I often pause to consider if a story is worth writing. I make this decision by how the inspiration and the influences that surround the idea of the story affects me. If the story affects me to the point that I must sit and write, I set a timer, and do it.

I seldom pause when writing with a pen in hand, therefore the scribbles are most likely only legible to me. I once tried to learn shorthand so that I could write faster, but the dashes, slashes and symbols were too foriegn to understand.

The cool thing about handwritten rough drafts is that I can abbreviate, use private symbols, and even write the word "ELAB" when I want to elaborate more in the typed version of the story. Typing the rough draft is easy, editing is not so easy.

When typing the words I slow down seeing the edits that need to be made such as punctuation, verb tense, and spacing. My type A personality doesn't allow me to hand editing over to just anyone. My trusted resources provide me with what I need, yet I am still responsible to make the final edits, something I want to let go of a little.

Every page I type, I often can get sidetracked with the aesthetics of the layout. But truth is I just want the stories to be as pleasing as the visual words on the page. The reality is the effective words on the pages in some of my stories may not bring peace when the cover closes, but they will certainly affect the reader.

In my journals and my everyday life, my writings are often reflective.

In the stories I write, I have many moments where I reflect on the what ifs, whys and the what would I have done in that circumsatance. I suppose that is the way effective writings work.

An effective story, has words that provide an effective way to affect someone's thoughts. They certainly have affected me or I wouldn't have picked up the pen.

(Submitted to Write Angles Conference 2018 )