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Fluttering Eyelids

Posted by on June 18, 2019 at 3:00 AM Comments comments (0)
Water falls caressing the earth. Nurturing its blooms. The water falling from your fluttering eyelids will eventually guide you to grow. No need to dry the tears for they will heal the wound.

Wait and See

Posted by on January 9, 2017 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)
They said to me, just wait and see. And truth is the hardest thing about accepting death is knowing it effects others so deeply. More than you imagine and definitely more than you ever thought it could. Death is the beginning of the next great experience, and should always be a blessing. But arriving naturally is the question left behind. There is a chain of events to happen for even the smallest of accidents. So we must remember that as much as we seek control, utilize our free will, and give ourselves permission to accept responsibility; There is a greater hand than ours. The grief you have yearns for me to hold you. I never wished sorrow unto you. Mourn for a moment, but let the thankfulness of who we are linger longer. Much longer. Don't question. Don't blame, and certainly... Don't find yourself in doubt. It was my time. I fought, and even though I didn't with life, I did win the fight. Now you must live life knowing I am in your heart. I am in your life. I have to leave for awhile. Don't be sad, for my life was blest and you see I did my best. Now you do your best and one day you too will be at rest with me. Until then, Smile when you remember me, fight the urge to cry, and know You are the reason why I am extremely blest.

Like a Butterfly (IMO. Aunt Terry)

Posted by on January 9, 2017 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)
Like a Butterfly... She was here, and now she is gone. She was weak, but oh so strong. She was fragile, but so unbreakable. She gave courage when it didn't exist. She gave comfort when it just didn't fit. She gave hope when it seems almost gone. Accepting fate, she changed. Spreading her wings, she flew free. Cherishing the moments, we await to see her again.

Words from your beloved loved one..

Posted by on January 6, 2017 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)
Words from your beloved loved one... I will keep my distance when asked. as I don't want to scare you. I never would. I am just so thankful to you. You were not only an angel on my journey, but I know you are an angel to many. So much of what you know is true. And I just want to share right now, that I am OK. Yes, it was hard. Feeling alone in the hospital, even when I know you were there. But I knew what would happen. No matter where I was, life goes on. Whether it was here, New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, Paris or Baltimore, wherever. Life goes on. I never wanted to interrupt my families life. I never wanted to see you sad. It sucks that I had to have this disease. And yes, it put me at DIS-ease. Sometimes still when I see your hurting. But I am so thankful for what I did on my journey. I have no regrets. None. Not even the anger I felt. I realize now that it was OK to be angry. That anger is what allowed me to accept and heal my own journey. Oh how I wish we could have talked more about where I was headed, and how the transition would happen, but I know many are uncomfortable and well, I needed to fight. Fighting to live is the right thing to do. Always. We need to want to live, a will to live. And in fighting, there is a time to surrender, and it was my time. I wish I could have prepared you more or even given you more of each moment but I did the best I could. Everyone can be an ass at times, and I am just thankful that I had so many fun moments in my life that have built memories for my family, my friends and myself. No matter how small...I remember it all. The good. The beautiful. The loving. And let me just say, that I know everyone worries about making mistakes, and taking chances, and even forgetting important stuff. But don't worry. Everything truly does happen for a reason. It is beautiful here and I can be everywhere. Everywhere I choose to be or where I'm called to be. And I will never take advantage, never scare, and I will always Shine light to bring forth God's unconditional love. So the message I bring today is. Do Good. Be Good. Spread Good, and Cherish Good. Know that God owns our decisions, it is GOOD. G = God O= Owns O= Our D= Decisions. He will guide as we decide. Choose faith and I promise you will be saved. I am here, I am there, I am everywhere. I am with the Lord. It is all one Good spirit.

The Meeting, The Revelation & The Gift

Posted by on January 5, 2017 at 3:20 AM Comments comments (0)
And he said; - When I drink I feel no pain. And he learned; - Life was hard but it wasn't as bad as He thought. And he said; - I needed the drink. It numbed my thoughts. And he learned; - To change my thoughts I could have changed the outcome. And he said; - Never did I think of you. I actually didn't even really think of me. I just drank the drank my body craved. I caved and now I'm gone. And he learned; - I am loved. And he said; - I want to apologize. I didn't mean to hurt you then or now. I am sorry. And he learned; - I saw no option at the time. And he said; -I no longer suffer with the craving. I realize I cannot ever have an awakening to undo what I have done. And he learned; - In heaven's peace, I take on a mission to save another from that place I was at. And he said; - Life is a gift, never wish it away. A day can make a difference to chose your fate. And he learned; - Heaven is made of the best of who you are. I wish I had been better. I cannot change that now, but I can ask Him to show me the way.\ And the Lord said; - You numbed the thoughts that would have healed your growth. And he learned; - Those that face their fears, gain their strength. Now my strength is my weakness. A weakness that others need to overcome, when they do, I shall move on. And he said; - Thank you for loving me just the same. And they embraced.

With a Heavy Head

Posted by on January 4, 2017 at 3:20 AM Comments comments (0)
With a heavy head, I left my bed. With a heavy head, I found my place. With a heavy head, I say goodbye. With a heavy head, I see your heart. I shut my eyes and the light was bright. Now shut your eyes and know it is right. The right time for me to go. The right time for you to know. I am alright. I am at peace. I know the gift of life is just a piece. A piece of me to cherish and love, just as I did with you and still do, my love. So in your heavy heart, please make room for me to live. Lighten your load for my heavy head is dead, but I am not. I am right here, no body, and I don't mind. For my spirit is free and light and so full of love. You love, my love, and our love. The love we created. This is the love that allows me to be me. Care for yourself, Care for the others, but don't worry caring for me. I have no need. I just want to fill your heavy head and heart with my peace.

Living Judgement Free

Posted by on January 1, 2017 at 3:25 AM Comments comments (0)
There is no time to waste passing judgement, or always trying to please someone, or needing approval. Yes there are rules and guidelines to learn in order to live peacefully, and healthily, and happily. Being a good person allows you the right to enjoy life. You know what is right for you. Don't worry about what is right for others. Living judgement free and honoring people for who they are is the first step. The remaining steps after that bring joy, happiness and extreme experiences of living life fully. Only when you smile, you are living joy. Only when you love, you are living life. Love yourself first so you will have love to give. Love the gift of life so you will know what a gift it is for all!

Four Leaf Clover

Posted by on December 18, 2016 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (0)
Some people search their whole life for a four leaf clover. Looking for a sign. Looking for Hope, wanting Peace, and often just needing a little olive branch. Some people know that finding a clover is a blessing. Providing a message. Providing an answer to a prayer, receiving the Love, and often just feeling not alone. Some people wish upon a star fearful to surrender to their heart. Protecting their love. Protecting themselves of the heartache of giving themselves to another. Some people learn that with an open mind, others are there. Compassionate. And clearly caring, extending their ear to share in the gift of friendship. Some people want to say thank you to the four leaf clover. Knowing the blessing in its beauty. Knowing the blessing that friendship is real. The gift to discover is all friendship is like a four leaf clover. Find and keep the ones meant for you.

A channelled note to a Bride

Posted by on December 7, 2016 at 7:45 AM Comments comments (0)
Sometimes the timing just isn't right. Names are a gift. Days are a dream. Dresses, rings and vows are the real thing. I knew you would walk to me. Thank you. But it isn't today. Not today. No, today someone else took my place, and that is OK. You see its all meant to be, for I chose him for you. I could only accept not being with you if I found someone that would love you, accept you, and cherish you every bit as I do. He does. He will be with you until I come to get you. He will never love you the way I would have, the way I do...the way I will. So with this selection, I give myself a gift too...that you will never stop yearning for me. Least you forget me, you will always love me, wish for me, and dream of me still. As the years pass and you miss me, know that I wait for you. I will. I love you. And please know this...the end was not hard. It was not scary and it did not hurt. The end of my life was just the end of me being physically with you. And that is what hurts most of all. For you, and for me. But I am still here. I am in your heart and you in mine. I will wait. I will wait. And I will wait. So live you life, have fun, make memories, and enjoy all your moments. I am there too. Don't dwell in me being gone, and please don't forget me. Remember me. Remember me as loving you. Know wherever you are, I am. And not to haunt you, and neve rto hate you. But Only and ONLY to send you your fate. For someday your end will come and I promise I will greet you. In love, hope, and time... Your Soulmate.

Words of Value

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When all you have left are you thoughts. Know that is a reflection of who you are. Listen to them. What are they saying to you? Do not take your ramblings as only empty words. They have value to heal you, to help you, and to love you. Every word has value. Choose to make them positive and you will hear God's voice within you.