Angela Grout, Author    

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Author Angela Grout resides in Western Massachusetts with her husband Gary and their two beautiful daughters. Among her passions besides her family and her faith; is her love of flowers and spending time creating memorable moments, whether coordinating events, assisting community outreach programs, creatively writing stories or simply being with her loved ones.

Born in Springfield Massachusetts to a CPA and a religiously devote mother, Angela quickly developed a spiritual life.  Attending Catholic junior and high schools, she understood the calling to make life enjoyable. Enrolling in dance classes at the age of two, she became a dance professional for twelve years; choreographing routines and teaching the art of entertaining. In college, her friend Tim lost his battle to leukemia and guided her to a local flower shop. Angela walked in the doors of that shop to buy flowers for his memorial and left that day with a part time job which led to a lifelong career. As a Master Florist for over three decades owning the Agawam Flower Shop, her hands have held over a million roses and created thousands of bouquets. Her specialty of intuitively understanding the language of flowers, allowed her to create the perfect bouquets for her clients.

Moments of divine intervention became routine at the flower shop, nurturing a passion to become a storyteller. In 1998, a year after she purchased her flower shop, she wrote her first book, AN ANGEL's JOURNEY. The journey to becoming an Author wasn't planned, however the sound of tapping a keyboard became a regular routine after she tucked her children to bed after a long day at the shop. Releasing emotions which she had tucked into her spirit as she learned about unnecessary tragedies and consulted grieving families during the day, began to flow onto pages. Understanding the power that a story can provide to another, Angela began publishing stories to share compassion, hope, and entertainment. 

Angela writes short stories, plays, scripts, and poetry, as well as novels. She contributes to magazines, newspapers, religious publications, and on-line sites including She can be heard on local radio, TV, and podcasts hosting her show yWrite.

Her works have won many awards, including The Shining Star Award at APL, an Editor's Choice Poetry Awards from the International Library of Poetry, and @ Her books DEAR BABY, GET OUT! and APRIL RAiN were among the 2020 BEST BOOKS at the American Book Fest, and both are in process of script development.

Angela is a graduate of Western New England College, now known as WNEU, in Springfield, MA; and has completed several MasterClasses with instructors such as James Patterson, Margaret Atwood and other Master teachers.

She is a writer with the Springfield Museum Creative Writers Group, and participates with the IWWG, Gotham Writers, WriteNow, Davenport Production's TheaterMakers Studio, and Springfield Write-Up. 

Her pen names include AM Grout, Angela M Grout, Angela Grout, CoraWang, and Penning at 3am.

Follow her on Facebook @ AuthorAMGROUT, and her many other pages....yWrite, APRIL RAiN,   Dear Baby, Get Out,   An Angel's Journey,   Agawam Flower Shop,  Penning at 3am, Cora Wang,  Bean in My Breast,   Grout House Entertainment WANG, Human HealingS, and of course Here on this website!